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5 Things You Should Expect From Your IT Helpdesk

By February 19, 2020April 7th, 2021No Comments

The concept of the IT help desk was born 40 years ago when computers were relatively new to businesses and to homes.  Back then, computers were so new that you needed help regularly.  Today, even though computers are faster, “smarter” and more powerful than before, the need for help has not diminished very much.  Throughout that time, IT services have been an essential component of life today.

With the constantly evolving modern technology trends like cloud-based services and enhanced cyber security services, it’s more essential than ever to provide clients with more than a helpdesk, but a technology partner.

A technology partner with your business best interests in mind, can assist staff in trouble shooting IT related problems but also serve as a strategic technology partner to help that business achieve its ultimate vision.

We have outlined 5 tasks that your IT helpdesk should be doing for you.

Provide Comprehensive IT Service Coverage

Some people would be mistaken into thinking their IT helpdesk should only provide day to day solutions to end user IT-related problems. An IT service provider should have proactive tools that can recognize conditions that can impact user productivity and correct the environment to suit also.

Additionally, your IT services provider or helpdesk should be able to perform a risk assessment audit for cyber security and training to keep staff up to date.

24/7/365 Support Availability

If money never sleeps, neither should your helpdesk support service. High availability of support means you are never limited to when you can conduct business and make money. Also, having an IT helpdesk that gives support in a manner that builds a user’s confidence to achieve their task does wonders for the psyche.

In today’s world, IT consultants must be consummate customer service professionals.

Transparent Service and Price Models

Transparent service and pricing policies for IT services provides you with more power to make an informed decision. Each service item should be adequately described and priced. Look for companies that offer up to three unique tiers of support which could match your intended budget.

If the provider you are looking at does not offer 24/7 availability, clear pricing and services, it is time to move on.

Understands Your Industry

An IT service provider that understands your industry can save you time and money when compliance is a factor. For example, HIPAA is a standard used to designate whether a medical practice meets the criteria for the handling and storage of electronic medical records. Failing to meet that standard can result in client loss of confidence or governmental regulatory fines.

Even if compliance is not a factor, a partner that understands your industry already has an idea of your workflows and can use that experience to produce greater efficiency for you. A partner that understands how you work and why you need to work that way, can provide the best kind of customer service for your team.

Can Spot Coming Technology Trends

Staying on top of your IT infrastructure is critical for your IT helpdesk. Just as critical, is knowing how new technology can affect your business or industry. In half of a century, computers went from filling up rooms to fitting into pants pockets. Knowing how to stay ahead of the trend can save you time, increase productivity, decrease risk, and save money.

By partnering with an IT provider that spots on-coming trends, you can focus on boosting the bottom line. Get in contact with us today to learn more about how a managed, IT service provider can boost your business and save money.