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Office 365 e-Learning

By April 20, 2020May 16th, 2020No Comments

Usage of Microsoft Office 365 has increased by over 400% globally due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


The challenge now is how to get new (and old) users to make the most of the platform.

QuickHelp is an e-learning tutorial platform, with the main goal of accelerating the adoption of Office 365 through engagement and gamification. QuickHelp provides personalized and modern Office 365 training materials for the most effective learning journey.

Most training programs are expensive, time intensive and disruptive to the office. QuickHelp departs from these traditional training models, allowing you to be economically feasible, save IT resources, and optimize Office 365 training for your team.

With QuickHelp’s on-demand library and 45 new live training events each month for apps like OneNote, OneDrive, Teams, and more, you’ll be able to easily adopt new Office 365 apps for increased productivity.

Of course, change is the only constant with technology—and Microsoft’s always rolling out new Office 365 features. This makes QuickHelp a great resource not only for new users but also for veteran techies. When implemented within an organization, QuickHelp can help contribute to a successful learning culture.

QuickHelp features and key benefits

The greatest benefit of QuickHelp is that it works for businesses of all sizes. With QuickHelp’s security and soft-skills videos, your organization can also help mitigate risk and improve employee relations. Of course, that’s just scratching the surface of QuickHelp’s potential. Below are more ways QuickHelp fosters Office 365 e-learning, and create efficiencies within your organization:


  • Enhances the learning culture and productivity of your organization
  • One skill path can save each employee an average of 18 minutes per week
  • Live events can save users an average of one hour per week
  • Templates and other content provided by QuickHelp help save time


  • Gamification for long-term user engagement
  • Topics focused on specific applications and soft skills catered to you
  • On-the-spot PDF guides and videos
  • Grade assessments for individual users
  • Exportable user assessments and progress

Getting started with QuickHelp

As a first-time QuickHelp user, you’re asked to fill out some basic profile info. You’ll then be asked about the Office 365 materials you use and your experience with Office 365 applications. By answering these questions, you give QuickHelp a better understanding of what you already know so it can provide you with personalized Office 365 e-learning.

Starting your skill path

Here’s where your journey really begins!

As a new employee, QuickHelp will provide you with the information you need to navigate the program. Once you have completed the video training, you will then be tested on how well you understood the content. Now that your first task is completed, you will receive points. These points contribute to your ranking among your peers, and give the administrator an insight into your progress.

An inside note for beginners on QuickHelp, your administrator can provide you with introductory tasks that will fit your specific needs. While you will be provided the tasks on how to navigate QuickHelp, you will also be provided other pre-assigned content for you to complete. Now that you have learned the basics of the program, let us look at how you can learn more.

How do I learn more?

QuickHelp’s content is available anytime you need it. To find more content on other subjects, you have two options: You can click either on the yellow student cap in the top-left corner or on the black checker-square icon, beside the rectangular search section on the top.

If you choose the second option, you can either view suggested content or browse the full QuickHelp catalog yourself to find something that interests you.

What happens next?

 This depends on the content you want to consume. For live events you can choose what time you’d like to join the live video tutorial. This is one of the great benefits of QuickHelp: it’s based on your availability. When you accept the date and time of your live tutorial, you’ll receive a confirmation in Outlook with the event details.

The admin’s perspective

Let’s take a quick look at some features that QuickHelp admins can use to track user progress.

In the QuickHelp admin portal, you can monitor user engagement and even reward users who have been doing well. The program focuses mainly on visuals to have a better picture on how your employees are interacting with the program, and the program’s effectiveness. You can also see the popular user journeys, which can help you further understand what is the best and effective content your employees will enjoy. Another unique feature of the program is that you can export the data from the program. This can provide you with ease in further understanding and analyzing how the data is related to each other.

After accessing the the Dashboard, you can view the Content feature in the navigation menu on the left. In this section, you will be able to view all the training content you want users to digest.

Measuring success

Let’s look at the User Journey feature. This feature is where you are able to take your groups and assign a specific journey’s to them. As a bonus, QuickHelp is also compatible with Office 365 tenants, so admins can easily manage users without any learning curve involved.

With QuickHelp’s customized training, you’ll build even more loyalty and value among your employees. Learn more about QuickHelp today to supercharge your Office 365 productivity.