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Are You Confident Your Business Cybersecurity Is Stable and Reliable?

By September 4, 2019March 19th, 2021No Comments

Cybersecurity Solutions for Toronto Businesses

Are your cybersecurity solutions falling behind the times? See how Checksum works with businesses of all sizes to protect your vulnerable systems and customer data.  

Cybercrime may be big business, but recent studies show that hackers are much more likely to attack small to mid-size organizations than larger enterprises. Today’s attackers are extremely motivated and the threats to your business are real. Putting the right cybersecurity strategies and solutions in place helps ensure that your business has the necessary tools to prevent attacks and jump-start recovery in the event of an incident. The professionals at Checksum will recommend the best solutions based on their broad knowledge of best practices in the cybersecurity industry.

Benefits of Cybersecurity for Your Business

Most businesses maintain a wealth of client information, intellectual property and other digital assets — but is this information fully protected? A comprehensive security suite with best-in-class solutions helps protect your business from accidental data loss as well as active incursions and external threats.

Security Solutions for Microsoft Software

Microsoft Office 365 and other Microsoft cloud-based platforms are among the most popular productivity and business applications in the world. At Checksum, we ensure that your software is always up-to-date and provide an easy, convenient method for adding, removing and updating security access for your staff members.

Next-Generation Firewall Solutions

Filtering out dangerous content before it reaches your business user can help prevent a significant percentage of attacks on your business. The firewall solutions available from industry-leading Fortinet allows you to protect your infrastructure without compromising the performance of your networks.

Protect Your Systems from Unauthorized Use

Your entire network is only secure as the least-secure endpoint, and Solarwinds solutions are built to help take control of your network management. Your digital perimeter needs to adapt to prevent the targeted and aggressive attacks, especially when you consider the rapid growth in ransomware and other malware.

Business Continuity Solutions You Can Trust

The cost of downtime is rising dramatically, with the cost of a single hour reaching $250,000 on average across all business sizes. A cost-effective, continuous backup solution from Acronis provides you with greater granularity in data recovery without the heavy infrastructure that would be required with traditional backup and recovery methods.

Vulnerability Assessments Help Identify Areas for Remediation

The team at Checksum specializes in providing our clients with thorough vulnerability assessments that take people, processes and technology into consideration. From recommending ongoing training for staff members to help avoid phishing attacks to uncovering potential risk factors in data storage, the deliverable includes actionable steps that will improve the cybersecurity posture of your business.