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IT Security & Cybersecurity Solutions In The Greater Toronto Area

Can Checksum Systems Keep Us Safe from Cybercrime?

Let’s Get Started With Our Cybersecurity FAQs for Toronto Area Businesses.

What Exactly is Cybercrime?

Cybercrime is a crime that primarily takes place online, typically ranging from security breaches to identity and theft of business materials. The Better Business Bureau tells us that the average annual loss for small business due to cyber attack was $80,000 in 2017, and that number is growing every year by an average of 24%.

Cybercriminals can:

  • Hold your hard drives and servers hostage with ransomware
  • Pass viruses and infected files from your machines to that of your clients via email or just by visiting your web page
  • Steal your business files and client data to sell on the dark web.

The threat of bankruptcy, lawsuit, and even criminal investigation due to negligent cybersecurity practices is a threat that can no longer be avoided.

What Can I Do to Keep My Toronto Business and Clients Safe?

We know that you need an affordable and effective Cybersecurity solution. That’s why we’ve developed a managed network security and compliance service that is unparalleled. Our cybersecurity professionals review our systems every day to ensure that the protection your business has is up to the most stringent requirements and ready to battle all of today’s threats as they come.

With a plan that is catered to fit your exact needs, we offer many IT Security options within a complete package that makes your life easy and leaves you able to focus directly on your business.

What Exact Features Are Included in Your Cyber Security Package?

These are just a few of the protections that are provided to your business to help prevent Cybercrime:

  • Web Filtering to keep malicious traffic off your network and report any new potential threats
  • Managed Firewall so all traffic in and out is monitored 24/7 and reports are generated to list any areas that may need policies put in place
  • Recovery Preparation for backups and practical restoration of your data and systems to ensure that downtime is minimized
  • Vulnerability Analysis to analyze and report weak spots in your network, policy, and devices with ongoing
  • Email Protection to prevent malicious links and files from reaching your network and being passed to your customers.
  • Incident Response Plan for your Executive team and staff to know exactly what to do in the event of a data breach or other attack.
  • Many More!

What Other IT Services Play a Role in the IT Security of Toronto Companies?

  • Managed IT Services to ensure sure your systems are always updated and functioning at their best.
  • Cloud Services to provide you with cost-effective, scalable, mobile-friendly alternatives to in-house IT assets.
  • Cybersecurity Services that leverage cutting-edge IT security protocols to protect your workflow and data.
  • Help Desk Services providing day-to-day answers and fast response to troubleshooting requests.
  • Business IT Consulting helping you with IT-impacted executive decision making by giving you timely information and analytics.
  • Data Backup and Business Continuity securing and saving your data and mission-critical applications for use offsite if required.
  • VOIP giving you access to modern communication and collaboration tools run on new internet infrastructure.
  • Supplemental IT Support working with internal IT teams to provide specialized expertise for specific one-time projects.

What Should I Do Next?

Give us a call to arrange a free consultation and let us begin forming a plan to keep your company safe into the future.