your business

How much time do you waste every day, struggling with multiple applications to get your work done? It’s time to simplify your routine. Dynamics 365 has all the features you need to cover almost every aspect of your business. From Sales (CRM) to Financials, to Operations (ERP) to Customer Service. Start with one app and then add more as your business evolves.

Sales (CRM)

Simplify complex data to learn more about your customers. Automate your sales processes. You’ll shorten the sales cycle, boost productivity and reduce your costs. Get a better view of your sales team’s performance so you can meet your objectives.

Business Central (Financials)

Get a complete view of your company’s financial situation, all from one application. It’s a lot easier to monitor cash flow, manage inventory and invoice your customers. Stay up to date on your Account Schedules, Budgets, Sales Orders and Vendor Management. When you can have a complete view of your business, you can make better business decisions.

Customer Service

Say goodbye to multiple files and inaccurate information about your customers. Get a 360-degree view of each client. You’ll have a full history of their interactions with your department plus their personal preferences. For customers who want to do their own research, Dynamics 365 has a self-service portal with a user-friendly knowledge base and online community.

Field Service

Keeping your customers happy and making sure your team is productive is a tall order. Dynamics 365 Field Service will help you be more efficient. Track customer warranties, view repair history as well as maintenance schedules from one application. Manage your inventory from your mobile device. Need a specific technician for a job? Find out who has the right skills with Dynamics 365 for Field Service.

Project Service Automation

Do you struggle to deliver your projects on time and stay within your budget? Project Service Automation makes it easier. Build plans with specially designed templates that can be used again and adjusted for each project. Get a clear view of what stage you’re at and who is working on what. Determine at a glance if the project is profitable and will meet the customer’s expectations. All project details — from the quote to the invoice — is stored in a single system.

Operations (ERP)

Change the way you operate your warehouse, transport your company’s products and control your inventory. Consolidate your shipments to reduce transportation costs. Give your warehouse managers automated workflow tools so they can respond quickly to changing demands in your business. Manage your workforce and streamline your hiring processes to help reduce errors and save time and money.

Is Dynamics 365 Right for My Business?

With the wide range of plans available, it’s hard to go wrong with Dynamics 365. Start with the apps you need. You can always add more as your business needs change. Wondering where to start? Our Dynamics 365 experts can help.

Choose a plan

Whether you run a small business or a large corporation, you need a plan that’s right for your company. Planning a short-term project? Go for a monthly plan or a standalone application. Want to make sure your team has access to all the functionalities in each application in Dynamics 365? Choose the full use option. Pick the plan that is right for your company’s needs, now and in the long run.