Be ready

to respond to cyber threats

Which is more important: protection of your IT assets or detection if intruders have made it past the gates? Most business leaders would argue protection. Experts have made it clear that Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) is one of the most important strategies in maintaining a high security cybersecurity posture. ISM Grid offers a flexible, accurate, low maintenance cyber threat solution delivering solid security improvements.


An agent is installed on workstations and servers to collect and send information about persistence threats detected.


Data is analyzed by automated engines to highlight new or unknown persistent threats residing on your network and endpoints.


Our system hunts through new and unseen persistence mechanisms to investigate and confirm the presence of malicious footholds.


Once a threat is discovered, actions are performed to mitigate the threat including removing the foothold and related artifacts.

ISM Grid’s EDR solution is to get you the most accurate and fastest possible improvement in network security – customized for your organization’s needs. While defence tools (such as firewalls or antivirus solutions) are expected to get it right every time, an attacker only needs to be one step ahead to get around an organization’s defenses. Once inside, they can remain undetected for weeks or sometimes months.