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IT Managed Services Toronto: Which Company Can You Trust?

By April 14, 2019No Comments

IT Managed Services: Who Offers A Complete IT Management Service In Toronto?

With all the IT managed services in Toronto, you may not know which company offers the exact services you need. You may also have a difficult time finding an experienced company that you can trust with your entire network.

We completely understand.

At Checksum, we are committed to providing you with the highest level of dependable IT managed service anywhere in Toronto. We work with small and mid-size businesses every day who trust us with their IT infrastructure. We help business owners find ways to expand their company, secure their network, and lighten their workload through our comprehensive managed IT package. We can also help you.

If you are having trouble finding an, IT managed services Toronto provider, then gives us call us. We’ll answer your questions and help you find the right solutions for all your IT needs.

What Exactly is Outsourced Managed IT?

If you are like other business owners in Toronto, you and your team may have tried to hire an in-house crew to manage all of your hardware and software, or your employees volunteered to help out where they could, depending on their knowledge of the system.

However, as your business grew and your system became more complicated, you found that you were spending too much money on personnel or wasting time trying to manage the network yourself. As a result, your productivity was decreasing, and your budget was dwindling.

Now you are trying to find a solution to both these problems.

That is where Checksum comes in.

We can help you save time and money by providing outsourced managed IT services. The term managed IT implies that we can take over all the critical areas of your IT such as:

  • Maintenance
  • Proactive problem prevention.
  • Scalable cloud platform creation & development
  • IT & network cybersecurity
  • Telephone, email, & other communication systems
  • Hardware & software upgrades
  • Solutions for collaboration and smoother workflow
  • Emergency response & business continuity

When you partner with one company that takes care of all your IT needs, then you and your team can focus on the most important aspects of your business.

What Do IT Managed Services Toronto Companies Provide?

While all companies are different, most providers offer the same type of IT services in Toronto. However, you should call a company that provides proactive management that prevents problems from happening instead of merely reacting to problems after the fact.

This is where Checksum distinguishes its services from others. Our managed IT package is designed to help you grow your business, eliminate cyber attacks, and mitigate other potential problems before they happen.

To accomplish this, we offer the following services:

Multiple Backups

There is more than one way to back up your data. We take a look at your current setup and then provide additional tools or platforms for you to store your data so that you always have access to it no matter what happens.

Disaster Recovery

What would happen right now if your business suffered from a security breach, a natural disaster, or a power outage? How would you continue communication? How would you retrieve your data? How could you continue serving your customers? Checksum provides real solutions to help you handle the worst case scenarios so that you are always ready when disaster strikes.

Business Continuity

Are you tired of all the ‘small’ tech problems adding up and killing your workflow? We offer a simple, straightforward IT design that eliminates these issues and ensures your business continuity. With a proper plan in place, you will immediately notice how much more work your team accomplishes throughout the day.

Ongoing 24/7 Help Desk

Whether you need us to handle an IT issue from our office or send an expert to your business location, we are always available to help when you need us. We understand that problems can arise during the most crucial hours of operation when you least expect. Therefore, we offer quick response and long-term help desk solutions to keep your IT running smoothly.

Managed IT Involves More Than Just Solving Problems

At Checksum, we understand our role in your business success and sustainability. Therefore, we help you integrate technology that actually helps your business grow — not just solves problems.

What are some additional managed IT services we provide?

  • Remote IT services. Remote functionality is core to your organizational processes. Your employees need to be able to do their jobs no matter where they are located around Toronto, Canada, or the rest of the world. We offer services that allow your employees and your authorized customers remote access anytime, anywhere.
  • Strategic IT consulting. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could partner with on-call industry experts whenever you have ideas for using your network or expanding your infrastructure? How about IT specialists who could share their ideas and insights while working together as a team. Checksum offers strategic IT consulting complete with equipment, hardware, software, and applications, and resources that you have access to whenever you need it.
  • Cloud services. On-site servers are expensive and often limit your creativity and collaboration. Take your business to the cloud and expand your employee’s capabilities with cloud services from Checksum. We can design a cloud platform where you can share files, work on projects, and use applications all from a dedicated virtual server.
  • Advanced VoIP communication. Nothing beats the features and benefits of VoIP. You can use the cloud to store data, access features, and simplify your phone system. Instead of complex cabling, phone equipment, and expensive add-ons, you can reduce your communication to a computer and a headset, while accessing many telephone features at no additional charge. VoIP offers easy setup and even easier-to-learn functions.

Call Checksum for Your IT Managed Services Toronto

Are you still wondering who to call for IT Managed Services in Toronto? Pick up the phone and make your first call to Checksum. We offer complete managed IT services for small and mid-sized business across Toronto, Canada.

We are here to help you grow your business and simplify your information technology. To schedule a consultation with one of our experts, call us today at (416) 254-4448. You can also fill out a form on our contact page.