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IT Security Services in the Caribbean – Do You Need An MSSP?

By January 17, 2021March 20th, 2021No Comments

Keeping Caribbean business protected from cyber attacks is one of the most pressing issues of the last decade. The general perception is that proper security is expensive. It might also be a shock to learn that most organizations who are looking for Managed IT Support in the Caribbean, also subscribe to Managed Security Services, and here’s why…

The Caribbean in general, lags behind the rest of the world when it comes to adequately regulating technology and how it is used in business. Insufficient or inefficient enforcement efforts fail to encourage businesses to develop a comprehensive compliance framework.

This makes the region, a potential hotspot for cyber bad actors to exploit.  The environment has been described by one cyber security expert as having, “cyberwar actors [who] will seek to attack targets that result in maximum disruption, economic upheaval, and even public safety issues (e.g. airports, public transit, power grids, nuclear facilities, smart cities, etc.). There will be continued attacks targeting democratic processes such as electronic voting machines, online voter registration, party or politician websites, and other such platforms. Sadly, Caribbean (and global) enterprises will get caught up in state-led or state-sponsored attacks, and with far-reaching economic impacts.”

Even if your business is not deemed “high profile”, you can still benefit from the insights of an MSSP.

Managed Security Services are the most cost-effective way to get access to a suite of cyber security solutions that are completely managed for you, around the clock, for a fixed monthly fee.

Market Watch predicts that the global managed security services market is on track to reach a value of $55 billion by 2025. The major challenge highlighted, is that most organizations simply can’t keep up with today’s threat landscape, and it is very difficult to hire and retain the talent in-house they would require for full cyber protection.

A managed security service provider can act as an out-sourced talent to deliver the full suite of security services that business would need to ameliorate their risk profile with a cost-effective approach.

Why Do You Need An MSSP?

Before you choose a managed security services provider it is worth noting why your business requires this function to exist. In other words, what’s in it for you?

Flatten your IT cost curve

Save money for your business with an out-sourced, qualified MSSP. Your business would be less burdened by labor costs and acquire the protection it deserves.  Naturally, the more protected you are the less likelihood of data breach would occur.  And you should act now as data breaches are occurring at an all-time high at the moment.

Access to the latest security technology

There are a plethora of IT security tools available in the market today.  Determining which one is the right fit for your business is being difficult task.  The great thing about an MSSP is that they come up well-equipped with the latest and most effective technologies in detecting, preventing and lessening cyber threats, something well worth the monthly cost on IT security.

Proactive cybersecurity management

An MSSP will apply their skill and experience in the digital security field to formulate long-term cyber security strategies through proactive threat hunting and formulation of practical solutions.

Personalized and actionable security insight

The risk assessment framework helps tremendously in being proactive in protecting your business against cyber-attack.  The professional perspective of an MMSP allows you to gain insight on the strengths and weaknesses of your cybersecurity. The end result should be an environment that is better at guarding against cyberattack.

To Do Business in the Caribbean, IT Security Services Are Critical

By now, you have grasped the importance of selecting an experienced provider that best suits your business and IT security goals..

How do you choose a managed security service provider?

We provided 5 crucial questions you should have answered properly when selecting an MSSP.

1. What is the MSSP Offering You?

Before settling for a particular MSSP, you first need to find out the scope of their managed IT services. And, more importantly, whether their services cover all your IT security needs.

The most experienced MSSPs have tiers that allow you to get the level of service you need to give you the best value for your money.  Also, having a predictable costing structure allows you to better budget and plan for this business activity.

2. What Experience and Reputation Do They Have?

Exceptional MSSPs have built their reputation by providing excellent solutions and results for their customers. They have customer bases with clients who have been there for a decade or more. An equally important sign is when they have customers who are eager to leave positive testimonials about responsive service. That track record of expertise and experience will be a clear sign for your choice of MSSP.

3. Do They Know The Law To Keep You Compliant?

An MSSP should help your business meet mandatory local and global data protection and privacy regulations and guidelines. The most recent of these regulations include the Jamaica’s Data Protection Laws and Barbados’ Privacy Act (Draft) to compliment the EU’s GDRP and California’s CCPA. Failure to comply with data security legislation attracts heavy fines and penalties that continue to grow.

It would also be a good idea to make sure that the company itself is compliant, certified, and permitted to offer managed services in your region.

4. Advanced protection

Anti-virus and firewall only make up a tiny portion of the cybersecurity landscape.  Exceptional MSSPs have dynamic tools and processes to match the ever evolving, complex cyberwar theatre to best protect you.

5. How will I be treated as a customer?

Happy customers stay. Simple fact. Use that as a clue to the level of responsiveness you can expect out of your MSSP.  Is their an on-demand option for you to get support when things go wrong? Can you reach out via live web chat, voice call, email or instant messaging? How you grade your experience is by the quality of the service delivery system.

Make the Right Decision

For sure, working with a managed IT services provider can boost your business productivity lower your risk profile, and save you money in the long run avoiding fines for regulatory non-compliance. As Caribbean governments get up to speed on technology regulation, having a provider that understands the landscape as well as your business is great step towards success.

Hopefully we gave you the confidence to make your informed phone calls to choose your managed IT services provider for IT Security Services in the Caribbean. If you’d like to learn more about managed security, or explore the solutions we provide, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.