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IT Support For Toronto Law Offices

By October 3, 2019March 19th, 2021No Comments

How secure is your IT system in your Toronto law office?

Are you sure you’re protecting your client’s information as effectively as possible?

IT Support For Toronto Law Firms

IT Support For Toronto Law Firms

Toronto’s law firms are responsible for creating, storing and protecting data on a large scale, since much of this data is private corporate and personal information belonging to clients. The risk of losing information by accident, or even worse by theft, is problematic for solicitors since they are rarely trained in IT technology. Another factor is the rapid changes that fill the IT field, making it hard for internal IT personnel in Toronto law offices to keep up. These are risks that a law firm shouldn’t have to bear alone. The best solution is to hire managed law firm IT support for Toronto law offices who specialize in working with other lawyers and have experience protecting legal files. While a Canadian law firm has some IT issues in common with other industries, a managed IT support provider who is already working with law firms will know how much security is needed to protect your firm.

The major market for law firms in Canada is the business and corporate sector. An increase in the number of businesses with employees will lead to an increase in work for law firms. The number of businesses is expected to increase over 2018, representing a potential opportunity for the industry. — IbisWorld July 2019

Is There Reliable IT Support for Toronto Law Firms?

Yes. Did you know that Toronto is the top third city in North America for tech talent? Checksum focuses on IT support for Toronto law offices and can help your law office maximize your communication and collaboration tools.

Are There Any Limits to Online Access?

Solicitors often need access to files that they may not have brought with them to a meeting or to court. This on-demand access is easily provided by a managed IT support provider from in-cloud storage. Additionally, hiring a support provider will give you access to a broader range of technological knowledge, and for help when anything goes wrong or you need an update that you can’t manage by yourself.

Will My Security Be Compliant with Canadian Laws and Regulations?

Ask about certification for the levels of compliance you need for your law firm. Since you need to maintain the utmost excellence in compliance, your law firm IT services and support provider must be compliant as well. You can also find out what certifications they have earned. If a support provider’s certifications don’t fulfill your needs completely, their support won’t provide you the security or assurance you need to work with them. Security breaches are serious problems for your reputation as a lawyer in Toronto. Therefore, having the right protocol and expertise is a must when you interview managed IT support providers for your law firm.

It’s not just threats from outside your law firm that cause you concern. Many law firms face serious threats from the internal espionage of disgruntled employees attempting to steal policy and procedure information to start practices of their own built off the back of your hard work. — Checksum

How Will Updates Be Handled?

Regular software updates are crucial to maintaining top-notch security and ensuring that your computers are running at peak form. These updates are best done by experts who can follow up rapidly if something goes wrong. Updates need to be implemented in a timely manner to secure your systems properly. Routine updates can be automated and implemented remotely which makes it easier to stay on schedule, and also helps identify any issues before they become larger problems.

Will Files Be Accessible If I’m in Court?

Ask your IT support provider how accessible your files are from the cloud-based storage. If you often travel or spend a lot of time at client offices or in court, off-site access to files is mandatory. There’s no need to lug heavy briefcases filled with files everywhere if you can download them to a secure device. As long as your files are completely secure in cloud storage, you can use them where and when you need to.

Can I Have Support 24/7?

Lawyers are notorious for working through the night or during the early hours of the morning. Ask your support provider if they offer 24/7 support in case you run into a snag in the middle of the night. It’s critical to have support personnel available around the clock. Another question to ask is how long it takes to fix a problem during off-peak hours?

Do You Work with Toronto Law Firms with Multiple Locations?

Once we integrate you into our IT system, can you continue to work with us at more than one location, and scale up with us when we grow? Can we count on your support as we collaborate with other companies and still keep our data, files and applications secure?

The top challenges for corporate legal departments today include reducing and controlling outside legal costs; improving case and contract management; and automating routine tasks and leveraging technology in work processes. — 2019 Future Ready Lawyer Survey