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Is Your Toronto Law Firm Looking for Network Support Services?

By September 2, 2019March 19th, 2021No Comments

We get inquiries from Toronto law professionals all the time about how they can better harness their technology to support firm operations, security, and compliance. In the spirit of IT education and information-sharing, we’ve put together an easy-to-use checklist for law professionals in Toronto that are hoping to find strategic network support services for their firms.

Exploring the Key Ways Network Support Services Will Optimize Your Law Firm

Why your Toronto law firm should consider investing in network support services

Technology is continuing to drive innovation and productivity for law firms of all shapes and sizes. When used right, IT solutions can help a law firm streamline operations, optimize team productivity, all while improving a firm’s overall security and compliance effort. The problem is, while most law firms today have IT solutions in place, the majority aren’t using their tech infrastructure to its full capacity.

Consider your own law firm. Your team undoubtedly relies on hardware like computers, printers, phones, and tablets. You also likely rely on some sort of software whether it be basic court processing apps or more fundamental, industry-specific platforms for case management. When you think about all the technology your firm uses on a daily basis, can you be sure that every feature is being used to its highest capacity?

Our guess is that even if you think you’re working at optimal levels, there’s still room for improvement and optimization. Implementing IT strategies correctly can be a huge game-changer for your Toronto law firm. However, as we know, law firms are fast-paced and busy entities. Trying to optimize every corner of your IT network isn’t a task many legal professionals have time for.

That’s where the right network support for Toronto law firms comes in. Finding the right network support in Toronto shouldn’t be an exhausting hunt or an uphill battle. So, we’ve decided to make a quick reference guide to help law firms find reliable network support services in Toronto. Most importantly, we’ve included the questions you should be asking yourself and potential providers as you search.

Consultation and Communication: Starting a Partnership with a Toronto Network Support Company

The whole idea of reaching out to a network support partner for consultation is to pick the brain of an expert. If you’re a Toronto law firm looking for network support services, make sure you’re on the hunt for a provider who knows your industry and is ready to have an open and honest conversation with you; both about your needs and about the service and experience they will bring to the table.

Starting off a partnership with any third-party vendor should happen on the right foot. A Toronto network support company is no exception. When comparing providers and having preliminary discussions, be sure to ask yourself the following questions about potential providers:

  • Do they have experience providing network support for the Toronto legal industry? Have they explained how their experience and expertise makes them the ideal fit?
  • Are they committed to getting to know your firm’s network needs?
  • Do they provide answers openly and honestly, in a language you can understand?
  • Is there a general sense that they’re looking to help you, not sell to you?
  • Can they provide references from other law firms in Toronto or beyond?

What Does a Full-Service Network Support Experience Look Like?

Now, once the initial conversations have been had, you want to make sure you select a Toronto network support company that goes above and beyond to make sure their promises are kept and your law firm is supported. A provider can say all the right things in your initial meeting, but what really matters is that they put their money where their mouth is once they’re working to support your law firm.

A truly beneficial network support company in Toronto should offer a managed service experience that molds to meet the unique challenges your law firm is up against. This means designing a service agreement that reflects the things you need and excludes the things you don’t. Your firm’s partnership with a Toronto network support company can’t just be rooted in big claims. In order to make sure you don’t end up with subpar service, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are they willing to customize their services and supports to meet your firm’s specific needs as best as possible?
  • Are they ready and willing to offer truly reliable support whenever you need it – even after hours?
  • Do they take an above-and-beyond approach to customer service?
  • Are they committed to keeping a keen eye on your network to ensure problems are handled proactively and operations are optimized?
  • Do they have a concrete way for you to measure, track or understand the return on your investment (ROI)?

Looking Ahead: How Can a Toronto Network Support Provider be a Strategic Partner for the Long Term?

Depending on the kind of IT support experience your firm is looking for, you should consider the long-term potential of partnering with a Toronto network support company. Is your organization going to need continued support over a certain number of months or years? Does your firm have long-term goals that could be better supported with strategic network support?

The right network support provider for Toronto law firms will be in it for the long haul and will have the work to show for it. They’ll be proactively committed to ensuring your long-term goals/needs are considered. So, when deciding on a network support company in Toronto, ask yourself these questions about each provider’s long term stamina:

  • Are they willing to create a strategic IT plan that makes considerations for the years ahead?
  • Do they have their finger on the pulse of ongoing tech developments for the legal industry?
  • Will they keep a keen eye on developing cyber threats – especially those that target law firms – to ensure you’re always a step ahead of criminals and viruses?
  • Do they take your firm’s long-term goals seriously?
  • Are they proactive with suggestions for maximizing scalability and optimization in the long term?

Above All Else: Go in With a Plan and Go with Your Gut

At the end of the day, the best way to start your search for a network support company in Toronto is to go in with an informed perspective. Develop a clear idea of what kind of network support you’re looking for and be upfront about what firm challenges you’d like to address with strategic IT solutions.

Do your research and communicate with different providers – compare their service and support experiences. You know your company better than anyone else, so trust your gut when you feel like you’ve found a strategic and reliable network support provider in Toronto. Above all, be sure to choose a provider who has the experience and expertise necessary to serve as a strategic network support partner for Toronto law firms like yours.

If your law firm is looking for network support in Toronto, we encourage you to start your search by reaching out to the team of IT specialists from Checksum Systems. We have the experience and expertise necessary to help your Toronto law firm reach new heights with strategic and fully-managed IT solutions. Catch us anytime at (416) 572-2064.